Expected impacts

Impact for MEDICOR

This new product will have significant impact on the market position of MEDICOR in the incubator market. It is important to note that 95% of the incubators are bought through public tenders. The competitor comparison table on page 11 lists all parameters typically specified in the tenders. This shows clearly that BabyLifePlus has a competitive advantage in all key parameters, including the price. Thus MEDICOR expects to increase its success rate in public tenders by this new product.

The European market is driven by best value for money, while many other markets (e.g. USA) are typically best price driven. With our new best value for best price philosophy will definitely ensure a good impact on MEDICORs market share in both markets. MEDICOR has currently a market share of 4% in Europe and 15% in non-European market where MEDICOR is present. MEDICOR has currently 25 distributor partners Europe as well as in 85 countries worldwide. Our ambition is to grow mainly in the high quality markets. Our aim is to triple our market share in Europe within the next 8 years. 

Social Impact and European dimension

Preterm birth is the second largest direct cause of child deaths in children younger than 5 years. Preterm birth also affects rich countries, for example, USA has high rates and is one of the ten countries with the highest numbers of preterm births. In Europe the average pre-term birth rate was already as low as 5% in 1990, but in the last decade it shows again growing tendency as reported by a recent study . Improved care technology such as BabyLifePlus will increase the survival rate of pre-term born infants and will contribute to reduce related disabilities. 

The novel data collection system will facilitate new findings regarding optimal treatment conditions by enabling consolidated patient oriented data acquisition. This feature will enable advanced statistical evaluation by big data processing. Thus this system will have significant impact to medical knowledge as well as infant health.

The previous generation of MEDICOR’s incubator is marketed under the name BABYLIFE®. However, in recently years the European market need is moving toward high-tech and value added solutions. Our aim with this new development was to address clearly the high level needs of the European market and to increase our competitiveness against large multinational providers. 

The new BabyLifePlus incubator entirely fits into the business line of the company, and will facilitate our principle that high-value technology and know-how generated in Europe should be mainly to the benefit of Europe.